Keep Up With Consumer Expectations by Delivering Personalized Experiences

Zebra Technologies’ 10th Annual Shopper Study collected data from 7,500 consumers from North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East “to gain a deeper understanding of shopper satisfaction and retail technology trends that are reshaping brick and mortar and online stores.” The study’s results reinforce the need for technology integration: consumers have high expectations, demands, and preferences for their shopping experiences that can be best met when retailers present efficient, mobile solutions.

Personalize, and Repeat!
Shoppers voluntarily choose to shop with you, so it is important to ensure they have a positive experience and feel satisfied with their decision and return to your store in the future. Repeat business is an emerging shopper preference: 14% of surveyed shoppers return to familiar stores that they trust. A great way to make a lasting impression on shoppers is face-to-face interaction paired with technological assistance. 60% of surveyed consumers look for assistance from store associates who have access to mobile devices and are able to look up inventory or find an answer to queries. Not only is it important to implement technology, but also to ensure that your employees are engaging and inquisitive to assist your customers with devices as they shop. By creating these personalized experiences, you are more likely to experience repeat business and returning customers.

Unfulfilled Expectations
Yet, despite today’s technology integration, some retailers still aren’t satiating consumers’ desires; a third of of shoppers are still not satisfied with their in-store shopping experiences. About half of shoppers are unsatisfied with staff availability and customer service both in-store and online. Merchandise is often out-of-stock and hard to find: consumers are looking for merchants who can better assist with locating products and providing accurate, up-to-date pricing.

Consumers are no longer okay with being charged additional fees for shipping—it’s becoming a thing of the past. Once merchandise is located, they expect free home delivery to make up for the inconvenience. The quicker they have the merchandise in their hands, the better: efficiency is key. Consider offering the services of reserving products online for pickup in-store or curbside; turn these “perks” into given services to meet consumer demands for speedier service.

Some consumers even feel they are better connected than store associates—over half of surveyed millennials, in fact. Retailers have not been able to keep up with their shoppers’ expectations towards technology and accessibility both in-store and online. According to the study, customers “demand an easy, fast, seamless buying experience… they’ve become less tolerant of longtime retail pain points that fail to meet their on-demand shopping needs.” Despite millennials expectations, the majority of consumers have been increasingly satisfied with their in-store experiences over the past ten years.

Focusing on turning conveniences into given services during personalized experiences will lead retail into the future. Make your business stand out with mobile devices in-store to best assist consumers in an efficient and seamless manner.

Read the full study here.