Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association’s XPO Access Success Story

The Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association holds social and professional events throughout the year for its 205,000-plus alumni, and Alumni Weekend is the biggest event of the year. Each April, more than 7,000 people visit Baltimore for the three days of festivities at the private research university, which include events like a crab feast, a lacrosse game, and the popular Young Alumni Tent Party.

Checking attendees’ tickets and tracking their participation throughout the event was a tremendous job given the high number of visitors, and attendees often grew frustrated by waiting in long lines to enter as staff checked people’s names off of paper lists. The organizers were also unhappy about not having a way to easily track which alumni bought tickets at the door and which ones were using pre-bought tickets.

To make the process smoother, the alumni association set out to find a new way of checking tickets that would be quick and provide the insight they needed about participation without requiring a big investment of time or money to get off the ground.

The Barcoding, Inc. Solution

They decided to go with Barcoding, Inc.’s event access control offering known as XPO Access. This allows staff to manage, track and secure access to the events and collect the data they need about participants. They made use of Zebra’s TC70 handheld barcode scanners and a Cradlepoint wireless network router.

The results speak for themselves. Not only was the ticketing process much faster, allowing them to make the experience much better for attendees, but they also gained insight into which events were successful and how many staff members they need for various events. XPO Access enabled them to capture 37 percent more data from the event’s attendees than before, which will be very useful when planning future events and could even help them keep costs down.

This blog post was based off of an earlier article from Barcoding, Inc. View the original here.

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