Jekyll Island Finds Inventory Answer with IntelliTrack

In 1947, Georgia’s Jekyll Island was established as a state park, and it’s been welcoming thousands of visitors each year ever since. The island’s natural habitat offers a safe haven to birds, sea turtles, and other wildlife, making it an oasis for vacationers. To preserve and protect the island, Georgia’s governor created the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA) in 1950.

Jekyll Island Authority Inventory

Over the past six decades, the JIA has supervised the island’s conservation, development, day-to-day management, and available public services. To do this, the entire authority consists of 30 departments, each requiring their own specific set of tools, and an inventory valued at more than $60,000.

Purchase orders were a natural problem with this immense and unique inventory. JIA was relying on a system of spreadsheets which required both manual input and calculations. This led to incomplete records, lost items, inventory shortages, and project delays.

Each of these issues aggravated a larger restraint—their budget. The JIA is a completely self-sufficient agency, and needed a way to make the most of their available cash flow. To do so, they needed an accurate inventory system, one that would not result in surpluses or shortages, and a method of monitoring this inventory. Understanding their own needs, the JIA sought out the expertise of IntelliTrack.

The IntelliTrack Solution

In October 2014, JIA implemented IntelliTrack Inventory, a web-based software solution. IntelliTrack Inventory offers them secure cloud storage, barcode scanning technology, comprehenisve reporting, detailed tracking data, and QuickBooks integration. IntelliTrack provided software training sessions for JIA’s Materials and Purchasing Coordinator, Shawna Nazzrie. Additionally, IntelliTrack worked with her to create custom reports and a larger barcode size so she could more efficiently scan inventory.

“I really like IntelliTrack,” said Nazzrie. “From the excellent training sessions to the willing response to my requests they, have been there for me.”

These solutions have allowed JIA to boost operational efficiencies across the board. Accurate and up-to-date inventory data has let them complete work orders quickly, as they now know exactly what items, and their quantities, they have on-hand. This inventory data has led to more cost-effective purchasing habits because IntelliTrack Inventory let JIA gain insight into their cyclical trends and optimal stock levels. Additionally, benefits were experienced beyond the inventory team. The JIA accounting team is now making more cost-effective decisions when it comes to day-to-day expenses and long-term projects, thanks to their access to prompt and accurate data.

These implementations are completely scalable. So JIA can explore more options and upgrade their current features if they ever see a need in the future.

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