Jay Steinmetz Selected for Maryland’s Regulatory Reform Commission

If you’ve spoken with Barcoding, Inc. CEO Jay Steinmetz, you probably know he’s committed to finding solutions to Maryland’s political challenges. Now, he’s furthering his efforts as a member of Governor Larry Hogan’s Regulatory Reform Commission.

As one of 10 Maryland business leaders serving on this newly-formed commission, Steinmetz will help examine the state’s regulations in order to determine issues hindering Maryland’s business community. Steinmetz will also participate in public meetings throughout the state where the committee will analyze the regulatory impact on industries such as transportation, environment and land use, and banking and financial service, and identify policies that need to be modified or eliminated.

In a recent press release, Governor Hogan said, “For years, over-burdensome and out of control regulations were making it impossible for businesses to stay in Maryland. We promised a top to bottom review of all state regulations and policies to make sure that Maryland could once again operate under a fair, accountable and balanced regulatory climate.”

In addition to his appointment to the Regulatory Reform Commission, Steinmetz frequently hosts “salons” to bring the state’s leading lawmakers together in a casual environment to discuss a variety of topics. Steinmetz also served on former Governor Martin O’Malley’s Small Business Commission.

Learn more about the Regulatory Reform Commission.