Jay Steinmetz Featured On Technology Today

Jay Steinmetz, CEO, Barcoding, Inc., was recently featured on Technology Today, a blogtalkradio show with Ajay Gupta, on the subject of the mobile supply chain.

Gupta, fascinated by how sourced raw materials make it to the factory, turn into a product, arrive at a warehouse and show up at our door, interviewed Steinmetz on just how managing, coordinating and tracking items throughout the supply chain works.

Steinmetz covered how Barcoding, Inc. fits into the grand scheme of supply chain management—Barcoding, Inc. doesn’t just provide the hardware, they go inside the warehouse, provide software, provide specialists and design a process that makes use of the full effectiveness of a solution.

Gupta and Steinmetz also touched on how RFID works throughout the supply chain. While everyone started out on barcoding—it’s easy and printable—it also requires a line of sight. Steinmetz explains that RFID can read multiple products at once—its all about “proximity detection.”

In addition to making the scanning and tracking of products easier, RFID helps to create a lean supply chain. If you’ve ever been to a store and they didn’t have the size you needed, that store could have benefitted from a RFID system. RFID allows businesses to reorder when they hit a predetermined quantity on inventory, so running out of a certain size or color would be a non-issue for retailers.

At the end of the show, Gupta and Steinmetz discussed what’s in store for Barcoding, Inc.’s 3rd Annual Executive Forum. The event, which takes place on Thursday, Sept. 12, is almost at capacity, but you can follow along by using #BarcodingEF3. Steinmetz was, however, able to give us a sneak preview of the event, in which Barcoding, Inc. will be unveiling their patented low-energy Bluetooth technology.

Learn more about the Executive Forum, or listen to the full discussion below.

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