Jay Steinmetz, Barcoding, Inc. CEO, Named Baltimore Visionary

jay_steinmetz_baltimore_visionaryIn the February 2018 issue of Baltimore Magazine, 30 individuals who are shaping the future of our city through hard work and positivity were named Baltimore Visionaries. We’re honored that Jay Steinmetz, our founder and CEO, was included in this list.

Community Involvement
Jay founded Barcoding, Inc. over 20 years ago and has been appointed as Chair of the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) and the Governor’s Commission on Small Business. Currently, he is serving as a board member of LifeBridge Health Sinai Hospital and the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business.

In addition to having his business headquartered in Baltimore City, Jay also lives in the city and uses his Mt. Washington home to host political salons that attract people from all across the political spectrum. By bringing people together to discuss possible solutions to Baltimore’s challenges and initiating conversations with leaders from varying industries, the salons create a casual environment to understand where people are coming from.

Job Creation
Jay believes that job creation is the key to a prosperous future in Baltimore. As Barcoding, Inc. continues to grow and move into a larger space, Jay continues to advocate for job creation in Baltimore. “Jobs are the answer to the social struggles of Baltimore, and I feel that being a resilient entrepreneur has given me credibility to voice my opinion on this topic….I enjoy making a difference, both at work and in the community. It gives me a sense of purpose,” he told Baltimore Magazine.

Mingling Among Visionaries
Jay, along with the 29 other Baltimore Visionaries, was honored at an event on Thursday, February 8, at the newly redeveloped Stravos Niarchos Foundation Parkway Theater in Station North. The event began with an intimate panel discussion, followed by a cocktail reception that allowed community members to mix and mingle with the visionaries.

Barcoding, Inc. is grateful to have such a forward-thinking leader and we congratulate all of the Visionaries named in Baltimore Magazine.

See the full list of Baltimore Visionaries here.

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