JAGTAG Receives Patent for Intelligent Ad MMS

JAGTAG recently announced that they have received a patent for intelligent ads to mobile devices via MMS. JAGTAG and its customers are able to intelligently target content to unique user requests… exclusively.

“Intelligently targeted content is also much more likely to be shared and will provide marketer’s QR strategies with an amplifier effect that will increase purchases and improve unaided brand recall,” said Ed Jordan, CEO, JAGTAG.

By layering ambient conditions, such as geographic location, weather and news, and data onto requested content, JAGTAG can intelligently target content to their consumers. Thus, the more and more JAGTAG is used by an individual, the more intelligent the ads become.

While I definitely see the appeal to marketers, I’m wondering if consumers will be on board. Would you scan a JAGTAG over a QR code when most smart phones already come with QR code readers and QR codes do not use MMS? Personally, I might… if there was a good incentive in it for me. Let us know what you think about JAGTAG having a patent on this technology and if you forsee it becoming a part of your life by commenting, or posting to our Facebook or twitter pages.