JAGTAG Introduces Mobile CRM

As mobile barcodes become more and more popular, companies are finding ways to stand out amongst all the different types of barcodes that are available. JAGTAG recently announced the addition of a Mobile CRM to its mobile barcode product offering, which has already been used by some big-names, such as Avatar.

Stores such as Best Buy and Kmart used JAGTAGs to offer shoppers an Avatar video clip and get the opportunity to receive other videos, updates, trivia, and various Avatar related specials througohut the year. In fact, Avatar was able to generate a 21% opt in rate.

Each JAGTAG Mobile CRM program allows marketers to grow their mobile audience via various campaigns across both print and web. Since those who opt in give marketers constant access to sending contact to their mobile devices, brands are sure to share the most rewarding and exclusive offers such as special videos, mobile coupons, special offers, exclusive invitations, free music, photos and more.

While some may be concerned about givint their phone number out to be marketed on, most companies using mobile barcodes truly do give out good offers that are exclusive of the barcode. While Avatar may have had success using JAGTAG’s Mobile CRM, I’m wondering who’s had success with Microsoft Tag 1.0?