JAGTAG Bought by Augme Technologies for $5.5 million

Augme Technologies, a full service mobile marketing solutions company, recently bought JAGTAG, a start-up that created their own proprietary 2d barcode.

Rather than scanning a 2d barcode, JAGTAG allowed users to take a picture using a smart or feature phone and text the picture to a short number. Then, users would receive content based on their phone’s capabilities, via text. When JAGTAG was released a few years back, their concept was great because not nearly as many people owned smart phones as they do today. Now, smart phones seem to be taking over, but I’m not sure what Augme has in store for JAGTAG.

Augme bought JAGTAG for $5.5 million, so I’m sure they’ll have a game-changing plan. Ironically, in our 2009 poll, of the 208 readers that voted, 60% predicted that JAGTAG would become more popular that QR codes! Let us know where you see JAGTAG going by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter page.