Jade X7 Revolutionizes Grocery and More!

Datalogic recently announce that their Jade X7 automated checkout portal is being used exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Marketplace, a new kind of grocery store that recently opened in Chicago.

Rather than using traditional barcode scanners like most grocers, the Jade X7 is an automated checkout solution that allows shoppers to place items onto a quick-moving belt. The items can be facing any way, so there’s no need to find the barcode. The Jade X7 uses vision technology, creating a 360˚ scan of the items and automatically reads and identifies the products. This process, as you can imagine, is much quicker than traditional grocery stores using manual checkout. After items are read by the Jade X7, they can be quickly bagged and the transaction is complete, allowing for a smooth checkout and faster lines.

“We are very excited that the Cosmopolitan Marketplace chose to work with our partner, ECRS, to implement Jade X7 automated scanners in each of their checkout lanes. This store presents shoppers with an experience unlike anything they have previously seen. Jade adds to that experience exemplifying the leading edge of checkout technology,” said Nick Tabet, Vice President, Fixed Retail Business Unit for Datalogic.

Although the Jade system is perfect for grocers, its uses are quickly growing—retailers and third party logistics (3pl’s) companies are starting to deploy Jade systems as part of their item returns process to scan products that have been shipped back, speeding up the returns process.

Learn more about the Jade X7.