It’s Time For Your Logistics Operations To Become Millennial-Friendly

Businesses that ignore the needs of millennials do so at their own peril. This group represents one of the fastest-growing segments of the workforce and they require a different approach than previous generations. While millennials already account of a third of the workforce—numbering 53.5 million workers—they are expected to account for as much as three fourths of the workforce by 2025.

It is important to keep in mind that millennials are accustomed to getting information very rapidly. Firms that are managed by millennials will have a strong focus on access to real-time information for decision-making, so as a supplier, you should overhaul your organizational capabilities with this need in mind.

There is also a strong emphasis among this group on getting things done quickly and efficiently. Short meetings are quickly taking the place of long business lunches and four-hour boardroom meetings, and electronic communication is playing a vital role. Millennials do not want an answer in a day or two; replying right away is the only acceptable action. Transparency must always be provided, along with regular updates and the ability to access information immediately. Millennials are also showing an unwillingness to work with companies that are unethical, so supplier conduct must be impeccable.

Don’t Forget We Are In The Information Age

Millennials expect their suppliers to show innovation in their solutions. Many of them are not afraid to shake things up, and they are also not shy about asking for changes. You can also benefit from showing that you are capable of surprising clients. Under-promising and over-delivering is a useful approach when dealing with this crowd.

Finally, you’ll have to work to earn the loyalty of your millennial clients. Expect them to ask for references, and be prepared to prove yourself to them.

The millennial culture demands a fast pace and a heavy amount of information, and companies that want to secure their future need to adapt to remain in the game.

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