ITF14 Barcode Symbology

ITF14 Barcode

The ITF14 barcode is often used by manufacturers and distributors in order to quickly and accurately take shipments. They are typically placed on cartons, cases and pallets, which also contain a UPC or EAN number.

The ITF14 barcode is based on the 2 of 5 barcode symbology. It contains 14 digits and has lines at the top and bottom of the barcode, which are referred to as bearer bars. These bars act as a barrier, preventing a short scan from the scanner. Without the bearer bars, certain scanners might scan only part of the barcode and think that all the data has been read, hence their need to ensure that the barcode has been read in its entirety.

ITF14 barcodes can be generated through barcode label software, allowing users to produce and design their own labels.