Is Your IoT Watching?

Many consumers seem to have a laissez-faire attitude towards IoT and security, but IT security professionals are concerned.

Internet-connected appliances and wearables are becoming more and more popular, and they can collect a lot of data. They are a relatively new experience for consumers, but is their privacy at risk?

If your thermostat knows when you’re home, or a smart TV can interpret your conversation, is privacy at risk? How much risk can depend on how hard it Is to use a device, and understanding all of the settings.

While most consumers aren’t worried (64%), the IT security organization ISACA recently found that IT professionals are (65%).

In fact, 88% of professionals surveyed said that manufacturers don’t make consumers aware of all of the information devices can collect. In addition, IoT at work was a hug concern—62% of respondents said that IoT devices have decreased employee privacy.

While consumers are concerned their devices could be hacked, it hasn’t stopped them from buying. Most respondents owned and average of five connected home devices.

While IoT will undoubtedly continue to grow, should we, as consumers, place a higher value on our privacy?

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