iPad Kiosks: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

iPad Kiosks are appearing in businesses everywhere—learn how they can help you

While everyone knows the iPad as a “magical device,” many do not know that it has a variety of different business uses across industries, such as healthcare and retail. But, businesses in just about any industry can make use of the iPad through self-service kiosks.
iPad kiosks are revolutionizing the self-service experience in retail, hospitality and transportation. While the iPad does provide businesses with communications cost savings, increased customer engagement is the largest benefit. When kiosks are intuitive and easy to use, shoppers can easily get to the information they need faster, making it far more convenient than the typical hard-to-navigate kiosk.

By maximizing customer exposure, retailers are leveraging iPad kiosks by improving customer loyalty, creating competitive differentiation and reducing operational costs. Learn more ways retailers are using iPad kiosks from our partner, Zebra Technologies.