iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone Bluetooth Barcode Scanning for Healthcare

Earlier this week, we discussed how the iPad can work with barcode scanning devices such as the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Cordless Scanner 7X. In addition to the 7X, Socket Mobile makes an anti-microbial scanner, the 7XRX, for hospital and healthcare applications.

With Bluetooth syncing support, the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad could play a major role in healthcare settings with the help of an anti-microbial scanner like the 7XRX. Barcodes are a quintessential part of any hospital-—they allow nurses to tag medications, avoid dosing errors, keep an accurate count of supplies, and more. Because of the prevalence and importance of barcodes throughout hospitals, the pairing of these devices could mean significant changes for the healthcare industry.

For example, in mobile clinic or home hospice settings where Wi-Fi may not be available, the iPhone’s network would be able to upload the data in real-time, leaving no risk for errors.

I’m sure many other uses for Bluetooth barcode scanners and the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are still under development, so stay tuned by friending us on facebook, or following us on twitter.