Which Iot Technologies Should Be On Your Company’s Radar?

By now, most people realize the significant role IoT is going to play in business going forward, but this term actually encompasses a broad range of new skills and technologies. It can be hard to know where to begin, so here is a look at some of the areas you should be concentrating on in the immediate future.

IoT Analytics

What good is having all that data without being able to put it to good use? Businesses need to have a stronger understanding of customer behavior so they can maximize sales, improve their offerings, and deliver their services.

IoT Security

The security risks posed by all this connectedness are monumental, and this extends beyond the devices themselves to their platforms, communications, and operating systems. IoT devices and platforms need to be protected against physical tampering, impersonations, denial-of-sleep attacks that can drain their batteries, and information attacks, and their communications need to be encrypted. Complicating matters is the fact that most of these devices have rudimentary operating systems and processors that cannot handle more sophisticated approaches to security.

IoT Management

All of these “things” that used to merely exist without needing a second thought will suddenly need to be monitored and managed. What were once objects will now be almost like little computers that need software and firmware updates, crash analysis, diagnostics, and security management. Tools will need the ability to monitor and manage thousands or even millions of different devices.

IoT Processors

Much of a particular IoT device’s potential will be defined by its processors and their capabilities. Some might have very simple needs, while others will need processors that can handle heavy power consumption and strong security. Like all hardware, there will be a lot of trade-offs required when it comes to features and costs. A mastery of this will require complex knowledge.

While these four areas deserve keen attention, savvy businesses will also want to explore event stream processing, IoT operating systems, and standards and ecosystems.

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