IoT Posing New Challenges for Developers

The Internet of Things (IoT) has garnered a lot of positive attention for its seemingly endless possibilities, with many believing that it will play a vital role in the future of business and indeed daily life. However, along with these opportunities come a number of significant challenges that will need to be overcome.

According to analyst firm Evans Data, the number of developers who are presently working on IoT applications has jumped by a third since last year to exceed 6.2 million. Will these developers be enough to tackle all of the work created by the IoT explosion?

Some experts think that the answer to that question is no. An article on Ozy, for example, warns that the ultra-connected future could ultimately be hindered by a shortage of developers who possess the skills needed to build apps and meet demand. In fact, they predict that a deficit of 5 to 10 million developers will be seen by the year 2020.

New Ways of Working

Cisco’s Doug Bellin feels the problem will lie in the shift in the way this type of work is carried out. Engineers will need to engage in proactive computing on the spot rather than reactive computing after the fact, and having as much as triple the number of connected devices we have right now will require a lot of experts who can handle such tasks.

An entire re-thinking of the development process will need to be embraced in order to build and manage IoT networks that use the blockchain. Sometimes community consensus will be needed, and developers will have to know when to take action. Developers will be confronted with design considerations that they have not dealt with in the past, and this means they need to be highly adaptable in addition to possessing the right technical skills if the IoT is to thrive.

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