IoT and Zatar Bring Wine to Life!

Zatar, representing Zebra Technologies, recently attended the M2M Evolution/IoT Expo/IoT Evolution event at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The even connected planers, decision makers and IoT experts to discuss trending innovations and the future of IoT.

Zatar and its team of Zatarians showcased a connected wine cooler and a wine-themed custom retail experience.

The Connected Wine Cooler uses RFID readers and temperature/humidity sensors to monitor your favorite vino. The sensors work together to create an avatar for the wine in Zatar, giving the cooler a voice—it has a way of speaking based on its data. Temperature/humidity changes, inventory, and door open/closed statuses are all updated and logged.

The Wine-themed Custom Retail Experience allows customers to use a custom app on their smartphone to communicate with beacons throughout the store. As a customer navigate through the store, products become interactive and users receive custom suggestions, creating a unique in-store experience.

Essentially, Zatar gives inanimate objects avatars that allow businesses to provide customers with a personalized experiences.

Learn more about Zatar’s custom wine solutions.