IoT City

San Jose officials recently decided that it was time to become a smart city, adding Internet-connected devices throughout city streetlights that can detect everything from earthquakes to traffic jams.

The city finalized plans for a pilot IoT program with anyCOMM, an IoT start-up that makes Wi-Fi connected devices (nodes) that can collect volumes of data from city streets that can be stored, sorted and returned to city officials in order to help improve planning and public safety.

Nodes, which will be installed along city roads, are equipped with sensors, smart-meter chips, high-speed Internet and mobile phone chips. By using this technology, the nodes will be able to sense movement on the streets and send alerts when, for example, the trembling of an earthquake is detected. The nodes can also act as a Wi-Fi hot spot and even turn off streetlights when sidewalks are empty, saving energy.

If this pilot program is successful, San Jose could become one of the nation’s leaders in the smart-city movement.

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