IoT Can Improve the Relationship Between Healthcare Providers and Patients

While there are some veterans of the healthcare industry who are worried that mobile health and other new digital technologies may obstruct the development of relationships between patients and providers, the prospective benefits of more advanced solutions have the potential to vastly outweigh any skepticism.

There’s an App for That
Mobile health applications will give healthcare providers and physicians access to patient data in real-time, which will actually enhance the relationship between providers and patients. Research has shown that 96% of patients are appreciative of mobile health applications, and 72 % of healthcare providers believe that they empower patients to take more control over decisions about their healthcare.

The benefit mobile health technology provides is to boost efficiency, cutting out laborious aspects of healthcare professionals’ routines, allowing them to have more time to focus on more important aspects of care, which should have a positive impact on waiting times.

IoT Can Help
The continued growth of IoT is bringing with it a range of cohesive solutions that are not just augmenting the abilities of healthcare providers, but are also facilitating the delivery of unprecedented levels of care to patients. When self-help apps, monitoring devices and smart pill bottles come together in healthcare, some very interesting developments can be made.

Security is Key
It’s hard to deny the potential benefits of IoT in healthcare, but as the range of abilities increases, so to does the number of risks. As technology becomes more prevalent in healthcare, security must be prioritized in order to preserve levels of trust between patients and providers.

In order to allow IoT solutions to continually grow, vendors and providers must make securing patient data a priority. Industry standards must evolve alongside any technological advancements. In order to ensure that this is the case, frequent and thorough audits will be necessary.

Overcoming Challenges Creates Transformation
Despite these challenges, the potential for IoT to transform healthcare is massive. Development must continue so that patients are getting the highest possible standard of care and ensure that providers have the best resources they possibly can.

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