Invisible QR Codes

Invisible QR codes could be used in anti-counterfeit applications

We seem to see QR codes everywhere the days, but now, they may be out of sight. I’m not saying they’re going to go away, but they may become invisible!

The invisible QR codes will still be able to scan, they just won’t be visible to the human eye unless under infrared light. Invisible QR codes could be used for a variety of anti-counterfeit applications.

The invisible QR code is printed using blue and green fluorescent ink via aerosol jet printers. Ideally, the invisible QR codes could be used on money to prevent counterfeit currency. Researchers tested the durability of the ink by folding paper the QR codes were printed on 50 times and they were still readable, so the ink should be able to withstand wear-and-tear on money.

The invisible QR codes can be seen under infrared laser light and are able to be scanned by both traditional barcode scanners and barcode scanning mobile devices.

While its not certain whether or not invisible QR codes will actually be used on currency any time soon, things do look promising on the war against counterfeiting.