Investing in WMS

Learn how CSG was able to implement a WMS, despite a struggling wireless infrastructure.

In a recovering economy, everyone is trying to get more done with less. Because of this, technology as it relates to efficiency and accuracy is of the utmost importance, especially within the supply chain.

Charmer Sunbelt Group (CSG), a New York-based distributor of wine, spirits and other beverages, realized the importance of technology in helping to improve their supply chain. They needed a solution that would effectively manage the distribution of all of its products. Their 22 warehouses ranging in size was a determining factor in the need for a WMS that could streamline and automate once arduous processes.

They decided to implement SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, utilizing voice recognition software, which would allow warehouse workers to receive instructions and send verbal confirmations.

However, in order to use SAP’s WMS to its full potential, CSG needed to upgrade its warehouses to a real-time data collection system, including both handheld and vehicle-mount mobile computers from LXE/Honeywell. With their new hardware, they were able to use Stay-Linked wireless terminal emulation software.

Because of the influx of wireless devices, a superior wireless infrastructure was essential, requiring a controller and access point-base WLAN. However, during the implementation process, there were many integration issues and it became apparent that the company’s future needs would soon exceed the capabilities of the current solution.

From there, CSG turned to Barcoding Inc. to help find the best Wi-Fi solution. Barcoding teamed up with Aerohive Networks, a leader in cloud-enabled wireless networking. Barcoding and Aerohive integrated their wireless networking solution at various warehouses across the east coast, using HiveAP 20 and AP340 Series 821.11a/b/g Aps. This solution combines enterprise-class AP with the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN—without the controller, eliminating any single point of failure for the entire network.

With their newfound wireless networking solution also came HiveManager, a centralized management system that also CSG to manage the entire deployment throughout their 22 offices from a single console.

With the help of LXE/Honeywell, Stay-linked, Barcoding Inc. and Aerohive, CSG was able to operate more efficiently.

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