Introducing New #SupplyChainGeek Network from Barcoding, Inc.

Supply chain efficiency leader Barcoding, Inc. has come up with an innovative new service in the form of its newly launched #SupplyChainGeek network. This groundbreaking network offers continuing education and improvement to its customers and partners alike, and membership in the network doesn’t cost a thing.

The new site, which was launched on May 5, 2017, features interactive features like the ability to “favorite” and “like” the photos and updates posted by other members. It also offers users the chance to create personalized profiles and upload photo albums.

A new reward program awards users points for each interaction they make on the new site. These points can later be exchanged for prizes such as #SupplyChainGeek tumblers, shirts, backpacks and a complementary two-night stay in a VIP hotel for this fall’s Barcoding Executive Forum.

Resources and Knowledge

The site also has some quizzes that that test your #SupplyChainGeek knowledge. It boasts simple yet powerful search functions for various resources, including e-books, videos and webinars. There is also an activity button that allows users to see the current activity and uploads of other members in the network.

On the #SupplyChainGeek website, you can watch videos from experts, browse network topics, and share insights. There’s a section of knowledge and resources that can be browsed by topic, and there is also a place to learn about and discuss upcoming events.

DHL Supply Chain’s Senior Director of Field and Network Operations, Chad Warzecha, called the network a progressive platform that allows supply chain enthusiasts to inspire others. He feels that what sets this site apart is the way it allows users to get to know like-minded individuals and collaborate with them.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Barcoding, Inc. is devoted to supply chain analytics and architecture, RFID, and Data Capture. It aims to help firms cut their operational costs, increase revenue, and create better customer experiences.

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