Intrinsically Safe Devices for Hazardous Environments

In potentially hazardous environments where flammable gas or other combustible/ignitable materials exist, it is necessary to invest in intrinsically safe (I-safe) equipment.

Intrinsically safe equipment has wiring that is not capable of releasing a sufficient amount of electrical and or thermal energy that would cause any sort of ignition. By limiting the amount of power available to the equipment in hazardous areas prevents the equipment from reaching a level that would be able to ignite gas, preventing the devices from creating sparks or a substantial amount of heat.

Industries that would benefit from intrinsically safe devices are those such as chemical, oil and gas, whom would need I-safe devices for inventory data collection, work-in-progress and shipping/receiving.

In order to officially be considered I-safe, devices must be labeled with the exact IS rating for the equipment, the name of a nationally recognized testing lab that performed the tests and a certification stating the types of hazards for which the device is safe.

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