Internet of Things

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and its related technologies, but once just a concept, IoT is now a business solution. Defined as smart, interconnected devices that provide more visibility into an organization’s operational events, IoT has the power to change the way business is done.

Different companies across a gamut of industries are using the Internet of Things technologies to track and manage assets, improve customer experience and enhance supply chain visibility. Zebra Technologies recently discussed a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, entitled, “Building Value from Visibility: 2012 Enterprise Internet of Things Adoption Outlook,” which stated the following:

  • 15 percent of surveyed organizations already have an IoT solution in place
  • 53 percent of surveyed organizations plan on implementing an IoT solution within the next two years
  • 21 percnt of transportation and logistics respondents noted they already have Internet of Things solutions in place

“Organizations are struggling to do more with less, to be more productive…. At Zebra, we believe every organization has an opportunity to use IoT technologies to illuminate operational events occurring throughout their value chain so they can act upon them to make smarter decisions and inspire innovation, said Zebra Technologies CEO, Anders Gustafsson.

While IoT implementation is still in its early stages, a more interconnected world has the potential to generate data never before thought possible, offering new, innovative solutions. Companies using barcoding, RFID and GPS will gain greater visibility into location, condition, timing and accuracy of events occurring throughout their supply chain, providing crucial data for IoT.

“A new generation of solutions, supported by the power of the Internet of Things, is enabling more effective deployment and management of assets including inventories. By connecting the physical to the digital, we can generate insights and business intelligence the drive breakthrough ideals in organizations and in the world,” said Gustafsson.

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