Internal Package Tracking

An internal package tracking application allows your company to accurately track all packages delivered throughout your organization.  From the moment they are received from the carrier, the chain of custody is tracked.  In three easy steps, this application allows your company to pick up where the large carrier has left off and accurately and efficiently deliver packages within your company:

1. Packages delivered with FedEx, UPS, or other appropriate barcodes are scanned with a handheld device and put into the system when they are received.

2. When a package is delivered to the recipient it is scanned once again and a signature is captured on the handheld device as proof of delivery.

3. Daily reports of all delivered packages and confirmations are generated at the end of the day.

The benefits of this type of barcode application include a reduced number of errors, fewer lost packages and increased efficiency, all while ensuring that packages are delivered in a timely manner.  Package tracking software, such as IntelliTrack DMS: Package Track, offers a simple system and even the least technical employees can learn how to receive and deliver mail or other packages.  IntelliTrack’s Package Track software has many product features that are simple to use and perfect for large mail rooms and shipping/receiving docks, the software has the ability to record time and date stamps for the receipt and delivery of packages, captures electronic signatures when packages are delivered, and automatic emails are generated when packages are received in the mailroom, alerting recipients to be expecting a package.  If you’d like more information about implementing an internal package tracking system in your organization you can contact Barcoding Inc., they offer the IntelliTrack software and other products for package tracking.