Intermec’s Fingerprint

I just finished reading a very interesting Intermec white paper about a unique programming tool for printers, Intermec’s Fingerprint.  This printer application tool allows users to customize any printer function and is only available in select EasyCoder models.  In fact, no other manufacturer offers a tool like Fingerprint.  Comparable printers are instead equipped with a static command language that controls the printer with the help of a computer.  Fingerprint printers provide software flexibility because they are preinstalled with both a command language and the printer-resident language Fingerprint.  Unlike a static command language, Fingerprint is dynamic and can be programmed to meet special requirements without the help of a computer.  Intermec printers equipped with Fingerprint are actually more like computers that can print instead of just printers.  With Fingerprint, the printers are programmed to receive host data and to pick the appropriate information from the data string for printing, no computer needed.  Some of the other benefits offered by Intermec’s Fingerprint include:

  • Flexibility for changing application requirements
  • Opportunity to develop own proprietary printer application programs
  • Leverage many operating modes across one printer platform
  • Control other equipment and reduce hardware purchases

Intermec offers a wide variety of EasyCoder models that are Fingerprint capable, including the Easy Coder PM4i pictured at left.  For more information about which Intermec models support Fingerprint, how to develop a Fingerprint application and specific examples of what Fingerprint is capable of, you should read the Intermec white paper What is Intermec Fingerprint?  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me as well.