Intermec SR61B Handheld Scanner

intermec sr61b barcode scannerIntermec recently released the SR61B, a barcode scanner that incorporates Bluetooth technology for stand-alone wireless data collection in rugged environments. The SR61B offers a variety of different scan options such as linear, area, MEMS-based laser and near/far imaging. This is of particular interest for users that need to read specific barcode symbologies, decode poor quality barcodes, or make use of the image capture feature for proof of delivery. The Intermec SR61B also makes use of Intermec’s EasySet™ software setup tool, which provides easy configuration and personalization, allowing the user to quickly customize their options. In addition, the Intermec SR61B features:

  • 10+ hours of use with a lithium ion battery
  • Interfaces with Intermec terminals and personal computers
  • Personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth® communication protocol
  • Hassle-free mobility up to 100 feet from the host

For further product specifications, download the product profile here.