Intermec Selected to Automate US Army’s Critical Asset Management Needs

The US Army has selected the Intermec CK61G rugged mobile computer along with the Intermec PM4i barcode printer to globally automate the accountability process for their web-based property and tracking system. It is no surprise that the US Army chose these reliable and rugged products from Intermec, a company that they have been partnering with for the past 20 years in order to provide logistical support tools for ground troops.

Throughout the years, the use of auto id technology has made a dramatic change in the way the Army conducts their supply operations and moves their unit components. Previously, the Army’s assets were tracked via paper, but now the new Intermec barcode labels allow maximum efficiency for receiving and issuing inventory with the CK61G.

About the Intermec CK61G
The Intermec CK61G is a rugged mobile computer designed with a magnesium cover and thick rubber bumpers for maximum toughness that can endure the most challenging environments, all while providing next-generation processing technology.

About the Intermec PM4i
The Intermec PM4i is a reliable and rugged barcode printer that provides advanced capabilities such as secure wireless connectivity and support for multiple interfaces in addition to the flexibility of Smart Printing and RFID readiness.

The Intermec CK61G and PM4i aren’t just tough, they’re Army tough!