Intermec Releases RFID Deployment Kit for Microsoft BizTalk RFID Mobile

RFID Deployment Kit for Microsoft BizTalkIntermec recently released an Intermec Device Deployment Kit to support Microsoft BizTalk RFID Mobile, a platform for Windows Mobile and Windows CE that consists of a runtime engine and tools for developing, deploying and managing RFID solutions on mobile devices. This allows making mobile RFID solutions for customers easier and gives partners the ability to develop, deploy and manage.

Now, customers can integrate both fixed and mobile RFID readers into common business processes through the same interface, providing a comprehensive platform for real-time decision that supports:
• Barcode scanning
• Pull-trigger events
• Storing and forwarding tag events
• Remote configuration and administration of handheld devices

The deployment kit for BizTalk RFID Mobile allows for communication between a server and mobile platforms and procides the tools that developers need to quickly and easily build plug-and-play vertical market applications.

Intermec boasts seamless integration with BizTalk RFID for the CN3 and CK61 mobile computers with the IP30 snap-on RFID reader, and the CV30 fixed vehicle computer with the IV7 vehicle mount RFID reader.

You can get the Intermec Device Deployment Kit for Microsoft BizTalk RFID Mobile here.