Intermec Printers Enhanced: Smarter, Stronger and More Secure

smart strong secure intermec printersIntermec recently announced that seven of its industrial printers, the PD41, PD42, PF2i, PF4i, PX4i, and PX6i, have been enhanced and improved upon. Basic improvements include all-in-one printer programming languages, increased memory and stronger network security, all of which make the printers smarter, stronger and more secure.

Printers now feature Intermec Smart Printing™ Technology, allowing companies to deploy printers as stand-alone smart clients. This eliminates the need for a host computer, which ultimately saves money.

Printers are also equipped with Intermec SmartSystems™, a remote management software that enables businesses to enjoy seamless deployment, integration and reconfiguration.

The newly enhanced printers are now ruggedized with metal construction throughout in order to maximize operational time in mission-critical applications.

More Secure
The PD41, PD42, PF2i, PF4i, PM4i, PX4i and PX6i are the only Cisco CCX and Wi-Fi certified industrial printers available on the market and are available with secure (WPA2) wireless connectivity.