Intermec Mobile Pen Tablets Provide ROI for Ace Beverage Co.t

Ace Beverage Intermec

Ace Beverage Co., one of the largest beer distributors in California, was looking for a better way to track order information, build loads on time, and manage crew overtime. One of their greatest challenges was gathering and sending pre-sales data from the field to the distributor’s warehouse before the deadline.

In the past, Ace tried to have all their orders in by 6pm, and the trucks would start to leave at 5am the next morning. This allowed only11 hours to dispatch and load the trucks, and one small problem could set them back, causing a lot of overtime and late truck departures.

In order to prevent this, the pre-sales team would need new tools that would reduce the amount of time from when the orders were sent to the field, to the warehouse, and to the delivery trucks, all while keeping searchable electronic records.

After implementing a field-force automation and customer relationship management software (CRM), Intermec Technologies was chosen to provide windows-based mobile pen tablets as the hardware of choice.

By equipping all store pre-sales reps with Intermec mobile pen tablets, data can be constantly updated throughout the day, allowing crew to get a jump-start on the loading process. This prevents overtime, saving the company money and keeping worker happy. In fact, by using Intermec pen tablets combined with a reliable CRM, Ace Beverage Co. saves 15-20 hours in driver loading and overtime each week, with an estimated ROI of over $50,000.

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