Intermec Integrated Shipping Label

The Intermec Integrated Shipping Label is an all in one label and packing slip that conveniently adheres to the outside of packages. The labels work particularly well for county of origin labeling. Starting March 31, 2009, food manufacturers and distributors will need to start clearly identifying the national origins of many products, in addition to providing corresponding records that go along with each shipment.

The Intermec Integrated Shipping Label allows manufacturers to easily identify the national origin because of its streamlined design, which prevents errors and reduces overall costs. Prior to the Intermec Integrated Shipping Label, manufacturers and distributors had to endure a long process in order to include all of the necessary information on their labels and packing slips. Since the Intermec Integrated Shipping Label combines the two, there’s just four simple steps:

  • Print label and packing slip
  • Peel label and packing slip
  • Fold packing slip under label
  • Apply to carton

With the Intermec Integrated Shipping Label, the road to efficiency is just steps away. Check out the video on how you can use Intermec Integrated Shipping Labels to your advantage:

If you would like more information on the Intermec Integratd Shipping Label, you can request it here.