Intermec & Infratab Improve Perishable Good Distribution

rfid for perishable goodsCustomers can now easily monitor food temperature, shelf life, and freshness of perishable goods with Freshtime, from Infratab. The system, in conjunction with Intermec rugged mobile computers and passive UHF RFID readers allows for easy tracking and traching throughout the supply chain, in addition to real-time decisions based on the products current status in relation to expiration date.

Distribution managers and mobile workers alike are able to receive real-time alerts regarding the quality of the perishable goods and easily identifies whether items have expired. By adding increased visibility to the supply chain, Intermec and Infratab are able to help customers control waste, monitor temperatures, simplify data collection, and provide consumers with the highest quality of products.

By using RFID technology from Intermec, Infratab is able to easily integrate their solutions into enterprise resources and quality assurance systems. Since perishable goods are subject to a change in temperature throughout the supply chain process, Freshtime semi passive RFID tags are pre-programmed with high and low temperature thresholds of the goods so that tags can record data throughout the distribution process. Because of this, it is easy to determine the remaining shelf life of items, and alerts can be created in order to notify distribution managers and workers if an item is deteriorating faster than anticipated. Once the item arrives at its destination, its tags are read by Intermec mobile computers equipped with handheld RFID readers that provides information, such as the tags temperature history and the length of travel, to the recipient.

With a solution such as this from Intermec and Infratab, manual intervention, labor, and errors are reduced due to real-time asset tracking through RFID technology.

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