Intermec EA21: Beyond Barcodes

Intermec EA21The Intermec EA21 offers standard 1D and 2D barcode scanning, but goes above and beyond by offering eMDI (enhanced mobile document imaging), a high performance mobile document capture solution. In fact, the EA21 can capture full page documents within a 35° angle and 10° rotation with just the press of the trigger. Images can be captured in 99% of lighting conditions with a variety of different backgrounds behind the document due to Intermec’s visible laser aimer, which ensures that users can easily target images and barcodes.

Ideal for mobile products with strict mechanical constraints, the EA21 provides freedom by achieving the smallest and lightest result possible and is designed for intensive usage. In addition, the Intermec EA21:

  • Reduces cost of ownership by eliminating the need for 2 devices
  • Reads any 1D and 2D bar codes omni-directionally
  • Uses a highly visible laser-aiming frame
  • Provides interchangeability- Intermec EA15 and EA20X 2D Imager Compatible
  • Withstands harsh environments

For more information on the Intermec EA21, download the specification sheet here.