Intermec EA20X 2D Imager

Intermec EA20XIntermec has recently released a new 2D imager, the EA20X, the first compact, fixed-focus extended-range 2D imager. The imager is ideal for intensive mobile applications that require an extended range and intensive scanning such as picking and put-away, inventory management, shipping and receiving and cross-docking applications. Since compatibility is always kept in mind with Intermec products, the EA20X is plug compatible with the Intermec EA15 and EA 21 2D Imagers.

The EA20X is not just another barcode scanner; it’s the first 2D barcode scan engine on the market that integrates the future proofing of 2D imaging with extended reading capabilities of a 1D laser scanner.

Since users are always concerned about productivity, the Intermec EA20X is able to reach 200 scans in 1D mode and 60 scans in 2D mode, all while coping with resolution issues and damaged, poorly printed or overlaid barcodes.

Since 2D barcodes continue to become more prevalent across a variety of different industries, the Intermec EA20X proves to be a long-term investment because of its ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes without compromising read range.

The EA20X is able to read 2D barcodes at a greater range than most other imagers because Intermec has chosen an extremely visible laser aimer, ensuring that the user can easily target the barcode. The EA20X is also equipped with a laser pointer and four-corner framer and reads barcodes omni-directionally, allowing for a greater diversity of lighting conditions and angles, and thus improving scanning productivity. In fact, the Intermec EA20X specifically engineered to work in extreme environments, from full darkness to full sunshine over a large temperature range that complies with even the strictest standards for shock and vibration.

Although the Intermec EA20X has a lot of features, all of them conveniently fit into a compact size within a durable design.

For more information on the Intermec EA20X, download the Intermec EA20X Specification Sheet.