Intermec CN4e

intermec cn4eThe Intermec CN4e is a fully rugged and feature-rich mobile computer with integrated 3.5G wireless technology. The CN4e packs a powerful combination of radio technologies including GPS, Cisco CCX compatible WiFi, and Bluetooth, allowing enterprises to deploy and manage resources, providing the intelligence that mobile workers need to increase customer response time.

In addition, the CN4e features an optional imaging application called Intermec Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI), allowing mobile workers to easily convert paper documents into electronic files, streamlining office operations. With eMDI, customer service and staff can gain real-time access to document images through the enterprise systems. The CN4e also boasts a color camera for event validation, a touch screen display, and an ultra-slim extended battery for all-day power.

If you’re interested in the CN4e, learn more about Intermec and their line of mobile computers here.