Intermec CN3 with IP30 RFID Reader Selected by Saudi Post

Saudi Post, the leading provider of mail and parcel delivery services in Saudi Arabia, needed a complete solution for mail delivery that would integrate their CRM and sorting machines, while improving delivery efficiency. Eventually, Intermec Technologies was chosen to equip the Saudi Post team with Intermec CN3 mobile computers with IP30 handheld RFID readers.

Previously, Saudi Post workers had to carry and use three separate devices; a handheld device with an RFID reader, Automatic Vehicle Location hardware, and an in-vehicle personal computer. By combining all of these functionalities into one device, the Intermec CN3 saves workers time, and offers a considerable amount of savings on maintenance. Also, the rugged design of the CN3 allows for unexpected drops without risking lost data.

After implementing the Intermec CN3, workers are able to easily synchronize to the database, and customers have immediate visibility regarding the confirmation of their delivery on the Saudi Post website.

The Saudi Post can now stay connected with its postal workers via voice and high-speed data in real-time, no matter where workers are located. In addition, the CN3’s integrated GPS provides postal workers with hands-free, turn-by-turn voice navigation, for the safest, most efficient driving possible. The IP30 add-on also allows for easy RFID read-write capability in a convenient all-in-one solution.

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