Intermec CN3 Helps Hermes Parcel Delivery

Hermes, the UK’s largest home delivery courier needed a solution for intelligent routing of deliveries and collections, barcode scanning, and real-time electronic proof of delivery in order to improve customer service and reduce administrative duties. After searching for a solution, Hermes discovered the Intermec CN3.

In addition to handling the regular courier tasks, the Intermec CN3 was also able to support myHermes, a new delivery service for private individuals such as eBay traders, enabling real-time communication with delivery status and connections through the myHermes web portal. This also allows for efficient and accurate data collection for all “last mile” delivery information.

While the entire deployment is not expected to be completed until September 2009, Hermes is excited to be using the Intermec CN3 in order to improve their customer service.

If you’re interested in the Intermec CN3 for your company, you can learn more here.