Intermec CK3 Chosen for Home Hardware Stores Limited

intermec ck3Home Hardware Stores Limited, Canada’s largest independent hardware, lumber, building materials, and furniture retailer, needed to find a solution that would be accepted by all of their dealers in order to streamline operations and track POS operations. With the help of a value added retailer, Home Hardware Stores Limited discovered the Intermec CK3, which would be perfect to help manage their inventory across a wide variety of independent store dealers.

The Intermec CK3 was an obvious choice for Home Hardware Stores Limited because of its broad feature set, weight, ergonomics, adaptability, and image capture capabilities, all wrapped up in a durable package. Because of this, the Intermec CK3 is ideal for rugged environments, such as warehouses.

The Intermec CK3 helped Home Hardware Stores Limited streamline their workflow, making them more efficient and proving to be a great ROI. Learn more about Intermec and their product offerings here.