Intermec Announces Retirement of the 761A Mobile Computer

Motorola/Symbol 761A mobile computerA few months back I let you know that Intermec was retiring the 730 and 761 series mobile computers, now Intermec has announced the immediate retirement of the 761A CDMA Mobile Computer (pictured at left) and its move to End of Build status.  This product will no longer be for sale due to component issues.  However, this retirement doesn’t affect the 761B.  Intermec is encouraging customers to migrate from the 761A CDMA mobile computer to the CN3A and CN3e CDMA mobile computer models.  These models are targeted for mobile applications and use in Field Service and In-Transit Visibility applications similar to the 761A.  The 761A runs Windows Mobile 2003 and the CN3 series mobile computers run Windows Mobile 5.0 and soon will ship with version 6.1.  Customers choosing to migrate to the CN3 series and to a new Windows Mobile operating system will be supported by Intermec Developer Support.  Customers considering the migration should access this additional information about the CN3 Series Mobile Computer.