Intermec Advanced RFID Extensions

Intermec Technologies recently unveiled RFID reader software at RFID Journal LIVE! 2010 that uses motion data to enable readers to distinguish between tags of interest and motionless tags.

The software system, coined Advanced RFID Extensions, or ARX, allows users to screen tags that may be located near a reader, but not going through a portal. The ARX system is ideal for crowded RFID environments, such as a distribution center, where erroneous tags, such as those on carts, are constantly passing by the reader. By using EPC Global low-level reader protocol, or LLRP, extensions to analyze data from the RFID readers, ARX instantly determines whether or not the data should be forwarded to the company’s back-end system or not. In fact, by using Return Signal Strength Indicators (RSSI), along with the phase angle of the received RF wave, the system can alert a user when a tag is in motion, in addition to whether it is near a reader, or even in a certain zone or portal.

The ARX software solution is available on Intermec IF61 fixed interrogators and IV7 vehicle-mounted RFID readers and is currently being deployed by various companies with tag-heavy environments.