Intermec 730 and 761 Series Mobile Computers Retired

Intermec has just released a notice alerting customers that the 730(pictured at left) and 761(pictured bottom right) mobile computers will be retired.  Intermec has said that they will support shipment of the 730 and 761 to customers through June 2009.  This provides customers with a 12 month notice of the upcoming End of Build, allowing time for purchases or migration.  There will of course be no new hardware or software upgrades for these models and as the date of retirement grows closer low selling configurations may be eliminated.  For those that plan on purchasing 730’s or 761’s before June 2009, Intermec supports a retired product for a minimum of three years (though typically longer).  For those planning on migration, Intermec is recommending the migration from these retired models to the new CN3 mobile computer.  Like the 730 and 761, the CN3 and CN3e models are made for mobile applications such as Field Service and In-Transit visibility applications.  The 3rd retirement notice in March 2009 will provide information about remaining quantities.  For more information about ordering or pricing, please contact an Intermec Authorized Distributor such as Barcoding Inc.