IntelliTrack’s New Brand Identity Captures its Customer Service Focus

Inventory management software provider IntelliTrack, Inc. has illustrated its dedication to continuous improvement and customer service through a rebranding effort that aims to create a better experience for its customers, partners, employees and prospective clients.

The new branding, which made its debut recently, encompasses its logos, brand statement, positioning, tagline, and color palettes to help showcase the firm’s web-based platform, flexible features, intuitive interface and uncomplicated integration. The logo, which was 25 years old, has been redesigned with simplicity and connectivity in mind.

Much like their offerings, IntelliTrack’s new tagline gets straight to the point: “Simple. Smart. Flexible.” Its new brand statement, “The simplest way to manage your inventory,” was selected to convey the company’s focus on simplifying the customer experience.

Collaborative Effort

The firm worked with boutique brand development agency Backroom to come up with the new strategy, which was reached following extensive collaboration and research. Marketing agency SR&B Advertising of Baltimore helped them to develop the revamped logos and color palette.

IntelliTrack Business Development Manager Noel McKeon said that the firm prides itself on its forward-thinking approach and wanted to convey that philosophy to customers and partners. Marketing Manager Christina Grieves said the project had been an exciting one for the firm, and she pointed out that the new design elements really capture the innovation and modern feel of IntelliTrack.

The company will overhaul its website as well as its marketing and communications in order to bring them in line with the new brand identity. IntelliTrack offers inventory management software products such as WMS Pro, Stratus ISRP, Fixed Assets, Stockroom, and Package Track. They also offer an IntelliTrack Plugin for QuickBooks that is based in the cloud and allows for seamless inventory management. The firm was founded in 1989 and now has its headquarters near Baltimore in Sparks, Maryland.

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