IntelliTrack Web-Based Platform Receives Update

As of September 3, 2017, the IntelliTrack web-based platform has received a number of exciting new updates. Included are changes to the IntelliTrack brand, the Stockroom Menu Options selection, and an updated version of the mobile software.

New Branding

The most obvious change to the web-based and mobile software is the new look and feel. They’ve moved away from the old orange and navy layout and shifted to a sleek blue and white composition, with an all-new logo. Additionally, the “Add Asset” and “Field Chooser” icons have been updated, along with many others. For a quick-view of the new IntelliTrack user interface, watch the video below:

The software now matches the style of the IntelliTrack website, which has undergone some major changes in the past six months to improve customer experience. Included in the redesign is the updated logo and motto: “Simple. Smart. Flexible.”

Reorganized Stock Menu Options

IntelliTrack’s flagship Stockroom menu options – Issue, Receipt, and Return – have not been removed, but are now located under the Inventory > Stock menu. To locate them, select Inventory > Stock > Issue, Receipt, or Return.

Updates to IntelliTrack Mobile

To make sure you are running the newest and fastest version of IntelliTrack mobile, please update the mobile application. In-depth instructions on how to do so can be found here.

If you need to reinstall rather than update, detailed instructions can be found here as well.

IntelliTrack is asking all users to clear their browser cache. This will remove any references to the removed buttons, icons, and other features that have been replaced in the update.

We couldn’t be more excited for our partner! Learn more about this IntelliTrack update.