IntelliTrack Stratus Mobile for Android Certified

IntelliTrack Inc., recently released its Stratus Mobile for Android on the Unitech PA700 and PA692A, providing total control of inventory for small to mid-sized businesses.

Customers are able to easily use Stratus Mobile for Android with their intelliTrack stratus account in order to track and manage materials while on-the-go. Stratus Mobile for Android can solve inventory issues ranging rom entry-level warehouse operations, to online retail issues, to check-in/check-out. Stratus products include: StratusISRP, StratusStockroom, StratusInventory, StratusAssets and StratusCheckout.

This Android version of Stratus Mobile is the first to be certified with the Unitech PA700 and PA692A rugged handheld computers. The integration of Stratus Mobile for Android and the devices offers damage-resistant touchscreens, all within the convenience of a smartphone and the performance of a traditional mobile computer.

“The fact that there is a shared high-value/low-cost proposition for both Unitech’s Android devices and IntelliTrack’s Stratus inventory control software made it clear that both of our companies should work closely together to better serve the marketplace. This shared vision is what motivated us at IntelliTrack to develop our Stratus Mobile Android App for Unitech’s devices” said Ron Pawlowski, COO of IntelliTrack.

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