Integrating Data, Creating Solutions: Zebra Savanna is Highly-Intelligent

Savanna is the latest addition to Zebra’s solution-building repertoire; it is a breakthrough data intelligence platform which, according to Zebra, “digitally transforms the way you work.” Integrating smart solutions and providing varied visibility services makes Savanna stand out as an asset to your business.

Turning Data Into Answers

Rather than looking to the gathered facts and data for answers, Zebra Savanna is able to make that data more palatable and colloquial, creating a plan of action for your business. Savanna hones in on Enterprise Asset Intelligence to increase your business’ efficiency, as well as how to become more productive and profitable.

To best serve you, Savanna employs smart sensors within their devices to collect operational data. This data can be pulled from the barcodes being scanned or the logistics of your company’s devices, like its location and health. Savanna then works this newly-collected data into historic data to get the most accurate insight into your business.

With a plethora of data analyzing your business, Zebra is concerned about safekeeping your business’ privacy. Savanna is secured with structured APIs to enable their customized solutions to optimize efficiency and workflows.

Realizing Your Business’ Full Potential

Savanna is functional in nearly every industry, so if you feel your business hasn’t reached its full potential, or if you are interested in maximizing efficiency and productivity, look no further than Zebra. They aren’t stopping here, though—they have new solutions on the horizon, and will continue to evolve and assist businesses on their path to success.

You can decipher how to support higher delivery volumes and reduce economic impact with Savanna’s SmartPack. This feature gives you access to your business’ loading processes to view your current infrastructure and the stock you may be carrying.

“Smart” capabilities are becoming more widespread throughout every industry, creating more functional and efficient environments in which you can easily review and access your business’ data. Savanna’s SmartLens for Retail can detect and record the location and movement of all your product, and then turn that data into a plan of action. This is a great way of acquiring a competitive edge for your business within your respective industry.

Visibility Services—How to Analyze Your Business

It’s important to be able to take a step back and analyze the bigger picture: with Asset Visibility Service (AVS), you can gain insight into your devices’ visibility and health as well as inventory and location. With this feature, you can minimize downtime and make decisions affecting your business with ease.

Yet, it is important to take a closer look and analyze the finer aspects of your business. Operational Visibility Service (OVS) “delivers deep visibility,” according to Zebra. With OVS’ dashboard, you are able to monitor your business’ asset and operational performance. Zebra is cognizant that things can change quickly in any industry, and to be able to access their dashboard in real-time can be a boon to your business.


Zebra has also integrated their technology into the sports industry: players can be equipped with RFID tags to track their speed, distance travelled, alignment, acceleration, and deceleration. With this equipment, players and teams can better understand their performance on the field and what areas to improve.

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