Integrated Blood Barcode Chip (IBBC) Revolutionizes Blood Test

Barcode Chip Makes for Fast Blood TestsThe “Barcode Chip” was recently developed by a group of researchers at Caltech that were looking for a cost effective and fast way to have bloodwork tested. In fact, with the new Barcode Chip, you can receive results after ten minutes.

How the Integrated Blood Barcode Chip Works
In order to get blood test results so quickly, a drop of blood is added to the Barcode Chip and pressure is applied, forcing the blood through a channel. As the blood flows through this channel, plasma skims across it and flows into smaller adjacent channels. From there, the plasma flows across a series of lines which make up the “barcode.” Each of the lines are embedded with a different antibody, allowing it to capture a specific protein from the plasma that passes over. Next, the barcode is “developed” and read via the release of a red florescent glow. The amount of protein is then captured depending upon the brightness of the glow.

How the Integrated Blood Barcode Chip Could Affect You
The Barcode Chip is now being tested in human clinical trials on patients with brain tumors. In addition, research is being done on healthy individuals to determine how diet and exercise affect the amount and composition of proteins in the blood. Eventually, researchers hope the Barcode Chip will lead to personalized medicine for individuals, which could lead to a lot less side effects and greatly improved health.