Industry Night: What’s Down the Road for Transporation

VDC Research recently released an enterprise mobility report as it pertains to the transportation industry. Recognizing that mobile solutions play a significant role as organizations leverage technology in order to cut costs, the need to automate and mobilize the supply chain remains strong.

Currently, VDC estimates that the market for enterprise mobility solutions in the transportation sector will reach $2.5 billion, growing by over 10% annually through 2015. Although IT budgets continue to remain tight, it’s clear that mobile technology solutions maximize productivity and improve customer service, thus making them worth the investment.

The transportation industry faces many challenges, including:

  • Carrier related issues such as freight capacity, driver shortages, service regulations and fuel surcharges
  • Cross-border compliance regulations
  • Lack of process/logistics control
  • Use of paper-based, time intensive processes

Although much of the transportation implements advanced mobile solutions, there’s still a large amount using paper-based systems, which leaves a much wider margin for error. Those in the transportation industry are able to take advantage of mobile technology in order to reduce costs, enforce regulations, gain visibility and rapidly respond to urgent situations.

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