Industry Night: Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution centers are what keep the supply chain moving, ultimately delivering products where they need to be—on time, every time. But what happens if orders get backed up and your customers start asking questions?

We depend on warehouse staff to expedite their processes in times of need, but often times, staff is ill equipped. Some warehouses are still using legacy devices—or worse, like paper-based methods to keep track of everything. These inefficiencies can cost thousands in overtime and lead to customer unhappiness—so what’s a warehouse manager to do?

In order for staff to pick, pack and ship efficiently, warehouses need to be equipped with rugged handheld mobile computers and vehicle mount computers to manage inventory and orders in real-time, collect data, facilitate picking and packing, replenish stock and interface with a WMS or ERP system.

Psion offers customizable, modular solutions that are tailored for your warehouse’s specific needs. It’s this open source mobility (OSM) that is ideal for warehousing environments with specific needs.

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